In the agricultural sector, Grupo Los Robles has participation in the producer and exporter of walnuts Valbifrut SA. Company starting operations in the year 1978 with the planting of the first walnut orchards. As the productions were growing, exports began, beginning in the year 1990 with the first sale to Europe.

In 2001, with 11 years of experience processing and exporting walnuts to the main European and South American markets, and in the face of Chile's increased production, Valbifrut expanded and remodeled its process plant making it the most modern in the southern hemisphere until Today.

After three decades as a pioneer, trainer and part of the Chilean walnut industry, Valbifrut continues to be a producer, exporter and processor par excellence of walnuts to the world; Valbifrut is Chile's second largest exporter focusing all efforts to satisfy our customers, producers and workers.


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